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Local Artists


John Munyaradzi Mambira

John Munyaradzi Mambira is involved in many forms of art - acting, singing, dancing and playing music, from regions of southern Africa including Botswana, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. He has worked with various groups, both amateur and professional, and has taught workshops at many festivals. As the leader of the musical group, Bongo Love, he is a phenomenal drummer, marimba player, and singer with a wide vocal range.

Rati Dangarembwa

Rati Dangarembwa is a Zimbabwean vocalist born and raised in the second capital city of Bulawayo, which is very rich in all forms of art. At a tender age she found herself drawn to the school choir where she realized her love and passion for choral music harmonizing voices and never looked back. Her first professional break came in 2013 when she traveled with Zimbabwean Nobuntu acapella sensation to Austria and Germany where the audiences were wowed by the Southern African harmonies. A year later she was on her way to the US with a band called Bongo Love as a backup vocalist, where she traveled around the US with an African circus performing at colleges, universities, and performance theaters. ​Her dream is to work with young children with mentoring young girls being her main focus and believes that acapella has the power of unifying people from different walks of life.

Rati Dangarembwa

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